VIA Data

VIA Data is a platform that allows Ministries of Health and other public health organizations to publish visual, interactive and accessible data reports from a wide range of health topics. VIA Data has a simple interface that minimizes the time dedicated to creating reports while providing the essential visual and interactive elements for public access to data. It was developed on opensource license with minimal technological requirements.

Using the Platform

Internal and public users of the platform have access to different levels of tool functionality.

  • Internal users
    Internal users of the platform, once logged in, can upload and manage new datasets in the Manage Data tab; and create and edit interactive reports in the Design Reports tab.
  • Public users
    Public users can visualize and interact with published interactive reports accessible via the View Reports tab.


Vital Strategies
Bloomberg Philanlanthropies

Online access to public health data is generally limited. Most countries do not have an integrated tool for public users to access their data and although some have well-developed tools, they often have limited functionality or complicated interfaces. To make it easier for public health agencies to publish their data, Vital Strategies, as part of the Data for Health Initiative, created VIA Data. VIA Data is a platform to create visual, interactive and accessible data reports with easy-to-use tools for (1) uploading and managing data and (2) designing visually attractive reports with such data.

VIA Data has features and benefits aimed at simplifying its use and minimizing the human, physical and monetary resources required for its operation. Benefits of the platform include: developed in opensource language which makes improvements and customizations free and easy to share; focus placed on essential visual and interactive elements that prioritize public access to data; ease-of-use for administrators and public users; and scalability of functions and content to support different types of data sources and audiences.

Vital Strategies is a global public health organization whose goal is to strengthen public health systems. Vital Strategies partners with governments to design and implement public health initiatives that bridge the gap between public health needs and solutions, especially in low- and middle- income countries. It operates in every region in the world.

The Data for Health Initiative co-funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Australian government, aims to help governments use data strategically to target resources and policies that will translate into saving lives and improved health.

Datopian is an open data solutions provider spun off from Open Knowledge. Datopian provides services and products for governments, institutions, and local authorities to publish open data, such as: CKAN hosting, CKAN technical support, custom open data website and CKAN extension development.